Genoa Trading Food S.a.s is an international trading firm that deals with basic products for the food industry, both for importation and exportation.
Genoa Trading Food is present on the market all over the world.

Thanks to its experience and its thorough knowledge of both the products and the market, it satisfies the needs of Italian and European firms that want to buy the goods in their countries of origin, and it supplies backing to the food industry and to the big distributors which rely on its organization.

Furthermore, it satisfies the demands of foreign customers who intend to buy Italian products.
For nearly twenty years Genoa Trading Food has worked with great professionality and experience, buying from suppliers selected for the quality of their products, which have been tested over the course of the years.

Genoa Trading Food is a well-known form on the global level. It specializes in frozen fish, meat of all kind and quality, and in fruit and vegetables of different types.
We invite you to send your  inquiries so that you can evaluate our offers.